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Seri Riana

The multilevel cabinet and patterned partition wall add depth and spaciousness to the home. The relaxing white-colour scheme with matching linen and fabric in the open-plan sitting & dining area as well as kids’ rooms create a sense of sanctuary to allow maximum space for family togetherness, making this home a comfortable sight to behold at first glance.

Colour Combinations

These creative interpretations offer people the opportunity to easily adapt the modern ideas to their own personal taste, needs and preferences, thus transforming their interior design and their home furnishings into breath-taking works of art by relying only on stylish colour combinations and innovative, creative combinations of textures, colours and materials.

Finishing Materials

Moreover, the consultant can also offer personalized interior design services for those who plan to sell their dwelling in the near future, thus helping them increase the value of their property quickly and with minimal investments, besides helping them choose the most suitable products and finishing materials for the desired interior design project.

Storage & Space

Only a skilled interior design consultant Malaysia that specializes in commercial, industrial as well as residential interior design can help you create a practical and functional living space, one that you can truly call “home”.
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